Name: Angel

Breed: Husky Mix

Gender: Female

Size: Small (< 40 lbs)

Age: < 1 year

About: Angel loves to cuddle. She loves kids and people in general. Angel can be placed as an only dog or go with another dog, preferable a male dog. She wants to be top dog so it would be best for her to be paired up with a submissive dog. Angel pulls a little on leash, but does well on an Easy Walk Harness. She weighs 40 lbs. Angel is crate trained and knows the following basic commands; sit, come, and leave it.

She likes to sleep in her crate and will tells her foster mom when she is ready to go to bed.

Coat Color: White

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Behavior around children: Good with children of all ages

Behavior around dogs: Does well with other dogs

Behavior around cats: Shows too much interest in cats

Behavior around other animals: Not compatible with other small pets

Training completed: Knows sit, Takes food gently, Gives up toys willingly, Gives up bones willingly, Good in crate, Behaves in car, Good at vets, Good with infants and toddlers, Good with older kids

Neuter Status: Spayed Female

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