Name: Nakoma

Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Female

Size: Medium (40-60 lbs)

Age:11 years

About:Nakoma is a very sweet, energetic 10 yr old girl. She is very spunky and likes to zoom around the house at times. Nakoma is great in the car. She could be an only dog or go to a home with other dogs. She likes to sleep with other dogs. In her foster home she lives with and gets along with two male and one female Siberian Husky. Nakoma is well behaved an can be loose in the house when no one is home. She is house trained. Nakoma likes to cuddle. She is a good hostess and will snuggle with adult friends when they come to visit. She cannot be placed with young children, older teenagers would be ok. Nakoma needs a fenced yard, 6ft is best as she has jumped a 4 and 1/2 ft fence. Nakoma is very easygoing.

Coat Color: Black / White

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Behavior around children: Best with adults only

Behavior around dogs: Does well with other dogs

Behavior around cats: Unknown – Untested

Behavior around other animals: Unknown

Training completed: Knows sit, Knows lie down, Takes food gently, Walks nicely on leash, Gives up toys willingly, Gives up bones willingly, Gets off furniture when told, Comes when called, Good in crate, Easy to groom / Likes grooming, Not destructive in house, Behaves in car, Good at vets, Does not jump up, Good with older kids

Neuter Status: Spayed Female

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    beautiful, Can we visit Nakoma?


    Hi Solange, can you please give us a call at 877-876-2644 or email us at with your request to see Nokoma?

  • Jenna Bertran

    Is Nakoma still available?


      Hi Jenna-

      Thanks for your interest in Nakoma. She is still available. If you could please fill out an adoption application that would be a great start. It would also help to supply us with your phone number and/or email address so our Adoption Chair can be in touch. You can do this at or dial our toll free number, leave a message & our Adoption Chair will be in touch with you.

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