Sly Fox

Name: Sly Fox

Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Male

Size: Medium (40-60 lbs)

Age: 3-4 years

About: Sly Fox is a spirited 3 year old boy who is friendly and outgoing towards people and other dogs. Sly is an affectionate snuggler who loves to be a lapdog once he has had an outlet for his abundant energy. A family with husky experience will best be able to appreciate his overflowing zest for life, and provide him with the exercise and training he must have to really thrive! Sly Fox is house-trained, crate trained, and very motivated to learn. He has nice house manners indoors once his energy has been exhausted. Sly must have a fenced yard. A 6ft fence with a secure bottom is a must. No cats, small animals, or children under 10 yrs for this sometimes rambunctious boy.

Coat Color: Black / White

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Behavior around children: Children greater than 10 years preferred

Behavior around dogs: Does well with other dogs

Behavior around cats: Not compatible with cats

Behavior around other animals: Not compatible with small house pets

Training completed: Knows sit, Takes food gently, Walks nicely on leash, Gets off furniture when told, Good in crate, Easy to groom / Likes grooming, Gives paw, Behaves in car, Good with older kids

Neuter Status: Neutered Male

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