Name: Amarok

Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Male

Size: Large (75lbs)

Age:  17 months

About: Our 17 month old, very handsome puppy is fun to be around, very loving to his humans and playful with his husky sister.  He is tall, long and lean weighing 75lbs and is fairly high energy

In foster since he was rescued from a shelter at 9 weeks old we soon discovered that he had a multi parasitic infection.  He has had extensive veterinary care.  The infection has resulted in some special needs.

Amarok requires a prescription diet with 3 meals a day, a probiotic and an antibiotic powder twice daily. He is very food oriented and enjoys a variety of treats!

Other requirements will be a 5 or 6 foot secure fence, an active family with previous husky ownership who are able to provide lots of walks and exercise.  A husky playmate and older children would delight him.

He does not tolerate a crate or kennel confinement so we will be looking for a family with someone home most of the day.  He does well loose in the house with his sister as needed.

No cats, small dogs, birds or other critters.

Coat Color: Black / White

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Behavior around children: Children greater than 5 years preferred

Behavior around dogs: Does well with other dogs

Behavior around cats: No cats

Behavior around other animals: No small dogs or other small animals

Training completed: Gives up toys willingly, Gives up bones willingly, Comes when called, Good at vets, Good with older kids

Neuter Status: Neutered

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