Penelope Sunshine

Name: Penelope Sunshine

Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Female

Size: Small (< 40 lbs)

Age: < 1 year

About: This is Penelope, little P. She is 8 months old. Penelope is an energetic and curious puppy with a very gregarious nature. She likes to get belly rubs, and is comfortable to snuggle at your feet and at your side. She is very excited to make new friends. Penelope greets with kisses, a wagging tail and body and sparkling brown eyes.

Smart and alert when training, she is very food motivated. She is crate trained, and often goes to her crate to nap. Little P likes to eat in her crate as well. She is not food aggressive or protective around people, though she will give another dog a bark if they come to close to her bowl. She takes treats very nicely and politely. She is fine sharing a water bowl. Penelope is very curious and quick, she will pick up food or anything else that gets her interest, so she needs a watchful eye around food. Penelope knows how to open her crate door, so an extra clip is needed when left in her crate for a long time.
She loves to play with her foster mate Bender. Sometimes her puppy energy can be a bit much, and greetings with a new dog may require some patience to calm her excitement. She would do well with a companion that can handle her youthful energy. She is generally good on the leash but is quite strong, and if determined could pull someone of balance if not paying attention, especially if she sees a squirrel or rabbit. She does have a high and reactive interest in prey sized animals.
Penelope is a very sweet puppy with a lot of love and snuggles in her. She will need a family that is ready for her energy. She does dig when bored and not watched. In general she has not destroyed anything more than a TV remote or collar, but if she does not get an outlet for that energy she could. She is house trained.
Penelope will give up toys easily. She knows and responds to the “leave it” command. Penelope knows most basic obedience commands as well. Sit, down, shake, and high five are among her known tricks, and she is working on others. She loves her toys, especially kongs with treats inside. Penelope also likes being groomed, and loves water. She also likes to roll in the grass at the drop of a tail.
She loves being around children, though if snacks or food is around she may be tempted to accept something at a face level.
No cats, small dogs, birds or other critters.

Coat Color: Black / White

Eye Color: Brown Eyes

Behavior around children: Children greater than 5 years preferred

Behavior around dogs: Plays rough with other dogs

Behavior around cats: Not compatible with cats

Behavior around other animals: Not compatible with small house pets

Training completed: Knows sit, Knows lie down, Gives up toys willingly, Easy to groom / Likes grooming

Neuter Status: Spayed Female

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  • Steve Velasco

    I saw Penelope and she is cute. I was wondering how much she is and how does the adoption process get handled. Once the process is started, when could I expect to adopt her.


      Hi Steve-

      Thanks for your interest in Penelop. If you could please fill out an adoption application that would be a great start. It would also help to supply us with your phone number and/or email address so our Adoption Chair can be in touch. You can do this at or dial our toll free number, leave a message & our Adoption Chair will be in touch with you.

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