Placement Policies

  • The DVSHR will only take into foster care pure breed Siberian Huskies.  Proof of breeding, such as papers, is not required as many of our members can determine a pure breed from a Siberian Mix.  We suggest you visit for organizations that will place mixed breed dogs.
  • All dogs must be evaluated or reviewed by a member of the DVSHR before they may be posted for adoption.
  • Owners of the dogs may be required to transport the dog for evaluation and to adoption days
  • A copy of the dogs vet records is required before placement
  • Dogs must be up to date on shots, spayed or neutered, and heartworm tested before entering the program.  Owners who do not have the records up to date may offer to pay for these upon surrender to DVSHR
  • Once surrendered to DVSHR and placed into a new home, the dog cannot be returned.
  • A placement fee is required upon surrender of the dog regardless of if the dog is directly placed into a new home or placed in DVSHR foster care.  Surrender fees are applied to the general fund and care of all dogs in the program.
  • DVHSR reserves the right to choose not to place your dog if any member feels the dog has a high risk potential for biting or causing significant harm to person or animal.  Owners are required to disclose any biting instances with their dog prior to release.
  • On the occasion that a dog is determined to have biting issues that cannot be resolved with training, the DVHSR will contact the owner and give them the opportunity to take the dog back.  If the owner will not, then DVHSR reserves the right to euthanize the dog. The DVSHR will not foster or place a dog that has been determined to be a high risk to cause injury to people.