Red Holloway

Name: Red Holloway

Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Male

Size: Medium (40-60 lbs)

Age: 1-2 years

About: Red Holloway is a gorgeous affectionate typical teenager with special needs. Red has a condition called Inflamatory Bowel Disease or IBD for short. Due to this condition he is on a very restricted diet which can be quite costly. His food alone runs upwards of $140.00 a month. He is very loving and gives lots of kisses to everyone he meets. He loves people of all sizes, but as many young dogs do, he is jumpy and can be a bit mouthy at times. He is generally good with dogs of all sizes and does particularly well with females. He is crate- trained and mostly house-trained, but can be destructive if left unsupervised.

Coat Color: Red / White

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Behavior around children: Children greater than 10 years preferred

Behavior around dogs: Generally good with other dogs

Behavior around cats: Unknown – Untested

Behavior around other animals: Shows too much interest in other animals

Training completed: Knows sit, Comes when called, Good in crate, Behaves in car, Good at vets, Good with older kids

Neuter Status: Neutered Male

  • Solange Degand

    I would love to adopt Red, he is Gorgeus. I am a RN and understand his condition.

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