Adoption Application

  • Please confirm you are aware that our adoption fees for altered puppies up to 6 months is $400, unaltered puppies up to 6 months is $300 + $150 at time of adoption (with $150 refund upon proof of spay/neuter), dogs 6 months-7 years is $300.00, dogs 8 to 9 years is $175.00, and over ten years is $100.
  • We can only accept applications from PA, NJ, MD and DE.
  • By entering a valid e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation that your application was submitted via e-mail. If you do not get a confirmation, please contact the rescue at
  • You MUST provide two references of people that are NOT family. You MUST also provide the NAME, PHONE, E-MAIL and relationship of this person.
  • Which of the following best describes your experience with Siberian Huskies?
  • Please further describe your experience with Siberian Huskies.
  • What other breeds of dogs do you have experience with? Tell us about the breeds you have owned in the past.
  • List the breeds, ages, and sex of the dogs that currently live in your household and IF THEY ARE SPAYED/NEUTERED.
    Please check the box beside each animal that currently resides on your property or in your home.
  • Please provide more information about your other pets or list additional species of pets here. If you have cats, tell us if they are indoor/outdoor or both and if they are able to be kept separate from the dogs. If you have birds, were are the cages kept? Anything that will help us to match the dog to your home.
  • Please list any other pets you may have owned in the past
  • If you have ever given up a dog or other pet, please explain the circumstances here. If you have not given up a pet, please state that here.
  • Please tell us of any pets that have been lost, stolen or escaped. Include the species, breed, and circumstances.
  • Please select the most appropriate statement
  • If you rent, provide the name and phone number of your landlord or rental agency.
  • Please select the most appropriate statement about your yard
    Please check the boxes that describe your fence. For example, if you have a 4 Foot Chain Link fence, you should check off 4 foot and Chain Link / Cyclone.
  • If you have no fence, how will you exercise the dog and manage potty detail? Put "n/a" if you have a fully fenced yard.
  • How many adults (>18 Years) live in your household?
  • How many children live in your household?
  • List the ages of the children living at home.
  • What experience do the children in the household have with pets?
    What other visitors come to your home on a regular basis? Check all that apply.
  • Please provide us with a name of a vet you currently use or have used in the past. If you are new to pet ownership, please provide the name of the vet you intend to use.
  • How will your new Siberian Husky spend the day while you are out?
  • If needed, please provide additional information of how your dog will spend its time alone.
  • How many hours will your new dog need to spend alone?
  • In what manner will your dog be confined at bedtime?
  • Are there any special considerations or needs that you would like to make DVSHR aware of?
  • Do you object to a home check? If so, please explain why.
  • How did you hear about us?
    Which of the currently available dogs are you interested in adopting? Check all that apply.
  • Would you consider another dog if the one(s) you selected are no longer available?
  • Finding the perfect match of Siberian and family can take 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the circumstances. Is this an acceptable timeline for you?
  • Have you educated yourself about the Siberian Husky?
  • Are you and your family ready for the commitment of owning a Siberian Husky? This includes dedicating time and money to the care and training of the dog and working through life changes such as college, divorce, children etc
  • Most dogs require some level of training to help them adjust to new homes. Please let us know the level of commitment you are willing to provide.
  • After clicking on Submit, DO NOT REFRESH or RESUBMIT. You will receive a confirmation message (and email) if you successfully submitted your application. If the form still appears, review for missing Required fields and enter the requested information.