Available Dogs

These Siberian Huskies are currently ready for adoption

  • DVSHR matches dogs with new families who have the best fit for the dog; not on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • We receive dogs into our foster care regularly, and generally do not place them on this website until they have been fully evaluated. Consequently, we typically have more dogs in our care than are shown here.
  • To adopt one of our dogs, you must first complete the online Adoption Application available here.


Jack is a very sweet affectionate boy. He is house trained and good in a crate. Jack enjoys car rides and is excellent in the car. Jack gets along with other dogs but is not good with cats. He pulls very hard on leash and will need a lot of exercise. Jack is very smart and learns quickly. Jack can jump a 4 ft fence from a stand still. So he will need a 6ft fenced yard.


Dakota White Cloud

Dakota White Cloud is a sweet, gentle, loving, laid back 9yr old boy. His birthday is on November 7th. Dakota gets along very well with other dogs and children. In his previous home he did well with his owner’s grandchildren ages 2yrs to 13yrs. Dakota is house trained and good loose in the house when no one is home. He is excellent in the car and good at the vet’s office. Dakota walks very nicely on leash. He has allergies but they can be managed with inexpensive medication. Dakota White Cloud came into rescue due to one of his owner’s passing away. This dreamy white boy is very easy going and a joy to share time with making long lasting, wonderful memories.



Pete is about 2yrs old. He was turned into a shelter as a stray. Pete is a bi eyed mix. He is very smart and full of energy. Pete must have a very active family who has a lot of time to devote to exercising and training him. Pete is house trained, crate trained and likes to go for car rides. Pete must have a fenced yard, at least 5ft. He cannot be placed with cats, small animals, or young children, teenagers 15 yrs and older would be ok. Pete needs a pet parent that has dog handling experience.



Our 17 month old, very handsome puppy is fun to be around, very loving to his humans and playful with his husky sister. He is tall, long and lean weighing 75lbs and is fairly high energy

In foster since he was rescued from a shelter at 9 weeks old we soon discovered that he had a multi parasitic infection. He has had extensive veterinary care. The infection has resulted in some special needs.

Amarok requires a prescription diet with 3 meals a day, a probiotic and an antibiotic powder twice daily. He is very food oriented and enjoys a variety of treats!

Other requirements will be a 5 or 6 foot secure fence, an active family with previous husky ownership who are able to provide lots of walks and exercise. A husky playmate and older children would delight him.

He does not tolerate a crate or kennel confinement so we will be looking for a family with someone home most of the day. He does well loose in the house with his sister as needed.

No cats, small dogs, birds or other critters.


Red Holloway

Red Holloway is a gorgeous affectionate typical teenager with special needs. Red has a condition called Inflamatory Bowel Disease or IBD for short. Due to this condition he is on a very restricted diet which can be quite costly. His food alone runs upwards of $140.00 a month. He is very loving and gives lots of kisses to everyone he meets. He loves people of all sizes, but as many young dogs do, he is jumpy and can be a bit mouthy at times. He is generally good with dogs of all sizes and does particularly well with females. He is crate- trained and mostly house-trained, but can be destructive if left unsupervised.



Angel loves to cuddle. She loves kids and people in general. Angel can be placed as an only dog or go with another dog, preferable a male dog . She wants to be top dog so it would be best for her to be paired up with a submissive dog. Angel pulls a little on leash, but does well on an Easy Walk Harness. She weighs 40 lbs. Angel is crate trained and knows the following basic commands; sit, come, and leave it.