Coat Colors

Siberian Huskies have a variety of coat colors and patters.  Here are some examples.


Black and White

  • Jet Black: The guard coat is solid black, and the under coat is black, charcoal or dark gray. This is known as monochrome coat. Most jet black dogs also have black pigment on their pads and the roofs of their mouths.
  • Black:  The black guard hairs may be banded and some white may appear near the roots. The undercoat is a lighter color than that of the jet black dog; in fact some buff-colored hairs may appear.
  • Dilute Black: The guard hairs have a whitish banding, but the tips are black.  The undercoat has a whitish cast and the longer hairs on the back and head are black.  The shorter white hairs of the undercoat give the flanks a silvery cast.

Grey and White

  • Silver Grey: The guard hairs are banded with various tones of white.  The undercoat is white, giving the dog a silvery aspect with a little darkening along the spine.  This silvery tone is called the chinchilla factor.


  • Grey: The guard hairs are banded with cream or buff tones with black tips.  The undercoat has a beige or yellow tone, giving the dog a yellow/gray cast.

Red and White

  • Copper: In Copper dogs, no black hairs are evident and the guard hairs are banded with a dark red to brown.


  • Light Red: Like copper dogs, there are no black hairs.  These dogs are pale yellow to light orange.

Red and White Huskies have liver colored (pinkish/brown) points (eye rims, ears, noses and lips).



  • Sable: Guard hairs are banded with red or brown near the roots but are tipped with black.  Sable and White Siberians always have black points (nose and ears) and black tipping on the fur.  The dog has a reddish cast.


  • Agouti: The guard hairs are banded with black at the roots and tips with bands of yellow or beige in the middle of the hairs.  The undercoat is charcoal.  The saddle area of the dog often has a grizzled look to it.  Agouti is defined as the “wild color”.  The agouti color is seen more often in racing lines then in other Siberians.  Agoutis usually have very black whiskers and black toenails.  These have a very wild look.


  • White: The guard hairs are either pure white or banded with very pale cream at the roots. The undercoat is solid white or silver, and the points may be either black or liver-colored (pinkish/brown)

Woolly Coat

  • Woolly: The “Woolly Coat” simply means a slightly longer, thicker, much fluffier coat than the average coat for a Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute.